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educational equipment diesel engine training model


Technical parameter
1. Dimension: 1500x1000x1800mm
2. Working temperature: -40℃~50℃
minimum order
1 set
Supply Ability
30set / Month
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The automotive training equipment electronically controlled diesel engine training model displays the basic principles and structures of electronically controlled diesel engine, and simulates its operation. This electronically controlled diesel engine training model automotive training equipment can be used to learn the basic knowledge, inspection work and other knowledge and skills of electrically controlled gasoline engine. The automotive training equipment engine training model is also suitable for the teaching and skills training of electronically controlled diesel engine in higher vocational colleges and secondary vocational colleges. Meanwhile, automotive training equipment engine training model can also be used as an educational equipment for skill training and skill appraisal in technical schools, vocational education centers, and vocational qualification appraisal stations.
Technical parameters:

1.Application of equipment

The equipment is used to study the build, principle of operation, application of the main components and operation modes the light vehicle fuel injection internal combustion engine within the laboratory works carried out at project universities
Equipment shall cover at least the following laboratory works:
▪ Study of the fuel injection engine build and operation principle
▪ Study of the fuel injection engine fuel system features and operation principle
▪ Diagnostics of fuel injection engine technical conditions
▪ Fuel injection engine maintenance, adjustment, and repair
2.Technical specifications
Equipment type  
▪ floor-standing
▪ light vehicle working fuel injection engine
▪ with gas equipment
▪ with ability to connect, transfer and process data with computer
Equipment shall consist of at least the following: 
▪ powder coated steel or metal base on wheels
▪ fuel injection engine with attachable equipment
▪ fuel system (fuel tank, pump, fuel lines, etc.)
▪ gas equipment
▪ gas supply system
▪ exhaust system
▪ cooling system
▪ engine control unit
▪ rechargeable battery
▪ sensors
▪ special software
▪ all markings, nameplates, symbols, and inscriptions shall be provided in English
▪ fuel injection
▪ eight-valve
▪ light vehicle
▪ capacity – at least 50 kW
Overall dimensions    
▪ length – no more than 1500 mm
▪ width – no more than 1200 mm
▪ height – no more than 1700 mm
Weight   at least 150 kg
Special software 
▪ availability
▪ ability to configure gas equipment with a computer
▪ interface in English
3.Delivery set
▪ Equipment  shall  be  supplied  as  a complete  delivery  set  and shall  be compatible with design and functionality
▪ Delivery set shall include, but not be limited to:
1. Working fuel injection engine Laboratory Equipment* – 1 set
3. Special software – 1 set
5. Description of possible laboratory works with “Working fuel injection engine” Laboratory Equipment (in English) – 1 set
6. Fuel injection engine diagnostic scanner – 1 set
7. Tools for installation and maintenance of the “Working fuel injection engine” laboratory equipment – 1 set
8.  Accessories,  spare  parts  and  consumables  not  listed  above,  but recommended by the Manufacturer – 1 set
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