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solar energy training equipment
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solar energy training equipment educational equipment

Smart Grid (Solar/Wind/Fuel Cell) Training System

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Supply Ability
30set / Month
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Technical specification
Intergrated equipments that is available in theory verification by renewable energy and circuit configuration
Possible practicing solar energy test by various angles with angle PV module
Plane PV module is additionally installed
Designed modules to easily fix on the rack and taken off
Changing controller and charging battery with protection device
Possible practicing AC load test with AC power output through the inverter
Displaying the voltage and current values of testing module on the monitoring module
Composed of table, module rack, modules and accessories
Designed for indoor practicing
Possible measuring voltage, current, and load of both solar and wind
All-in-one trainer with strong aluminum frame, wheel, module rack and modules
Insulated connecting cables and I/O terminals for the safety
Practice examples
Basic principles of solar and wind power generation
Principles and system of solar and wind power generation
Characteristics of power generation by the quantity of light
Electrical characteristics test(open circuit voltage, short-circuit current) by solar module
I-V, P-V characteristics test by angle of incidence of solar module
I-V, P-V characteristics test by distance of solar module
I-V, P-V characteristics test by temperature characteristics of solar module
I-V, P-V characteristics test by irradiance of solar module
V-I characteristics and load test of solar generation according to the series/parallel wiring of solar cells
Charge/discharge battery experiment by charge controller
Power converting by stand-alone inverter
Power conversion experiment by grid inverter
Voltage and Current value Smart Grid monitoring test by generations
Streetlight control experiment according sunrise and sunset times
MPPT control test
Principle and gird experiment of Wind power generation
Characteristic experiment according to the rotational speed and load of Wind power generator
Characteristic curves of Hydrogen electrolysis
Faraday efficiency and energy efficiency of electrolysis
Principle and gird experiment of Hydrogen fuel cell generation
Characteristic curves for Fuel cell which connected by series/parallel
Characteristic experiment for the power generation and load of Hydrogen fuel cells
Solar/Wind hybrid power generation experiment
Solar/Hydrogen hybrid power generation experiment
Wind/Hydrogen hybrid power generation experiment
Solar/Wind/Hydrogen hybrid power generation experiment
Data measurement management experiment using RS-485 communication port
Voltage and Current values Smart grid monitoring experiment by generations
Distributed Power Management Experiment using Smart grid
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