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Technical parameters:

Tire changer

Wheel diameter: 14"-26"

Maximum wheel weight: 500kg

Maximum wheel width: 780mm

Hydraulic power unit: 1.5kw, 380V, 3ph

Gear box motor: 2.2kw, 380V, 3ph

Tire pressure: 2500kg

Maximum torque: 6457N.m

Mobile handle voltage: 24V

Equipment net weight: 517KG

Floor area: 2500X2000mm

Voltage: 220/400V 50/60Hz 1P/3P optional



Application of equipment: The tire changer is used for mounting and dismantling tires of trucks, buses and industrial vehicles.

Technical specifications:

2.1. Tire changer


▪ stationary

▪ for trucks

▪ semiautomatic


availability of framework
availability of motor drive
availability of electrohydraulic drive
availability of a carriage
availability of a clamping mechanism
availability of a wheel lift for trucks
availability of control panel (joystick)

Working dimensions of serviced wheels:

disk diameter:

lower limit – 14 inches
upper limit – 26 inches

wheel weight – at least 500 kg

wheel width – at least 700 mm

wheel diameter – at least 1600 mm

Power: at least 2.5 kW

Power supply:

220 V ± 10%; 50Hz                                                                                                                                                 

European standard power cable or
380 V ±10%, 50 Hz
power supply cable at least 5 m long

Overall dimensions: at least 1900х1500х950 mm

Equipment weight: at least 400 kg


2.2. Compressor station

Application: the compressor station is used to supply the tire changer with compressed air.

Compressor type




Productivity: at least 900 L/min

Tank volume: 500 L

Maximum working pressure: at least 10 bars

Power: at least 15 kW


Delivery set:

1. Tire changer – 1 set
2. Compressor station (including oil for the compressor, a polyurethane spiral hose for supplying compressed air from the compressor station to the tire changer and other components, accessories for the full function of the tire changer with the compressor station) – 1 set
3. Tire changer maintenance tools – 1 set.