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training model

Hybrid car training model Safety hybrid car training platform

Technical parameter
1.Dimension: 4635X1780X1455mm; (L x W x H)
2. Working power: 12V/60AH battery
3. Car model: Renewed Toyota Prius car
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The automotive training equipment hybrid car training model is well cut to display the Prius hybrid car structure and working principles.
Students can have better understanding of the hybrid car training system because the cutaway structure is more vivid and clear. 
The automotive training equipment hybrid car training model is applicable for real driving to enhance deeper understanding of hybrid car. The automotive training equipment hybrid car training model is of great importance for vehicle maintenance and repair. This hydrid car training model is based on the original hybrid car system components and front suspension system components, and is arranged according to the location layout of the original vehicle. The automotive training equipment hybrid car training model is suitable for the teaching needs of the theory and maintenance training of hybrid car system in vocational and technical schools, colleges and universities, training institutions.
Technical parameter
1.Dimension: 4635X1780X1455mm (L x W x H)
2. Working power: 12V/60AH battery            
3. Car model: Renewed Toyota Prius car,
Product composition
Hybrid engine assembly
Steering system
Starting system
Brake system Dashboard
OBD diagnostic socket
Cooling fan
Fuse box
Power flow meter
Car seats
One side door and windows
Test panel with schematic diagram and test terminal (plug type for easy use)
Removable supporting stand for car body
Main features:
1.Hybrid vehicle gasoline and electricity hybrid power engine to simulate engine startup, speedup, slowdown and other actions with the aim of illustrating the structure and working principle of gasoline and electricity hybrid power engines.
2.Complete training platform with a real and operable gasoline and electricity hybrid power engine is used to illustrate the structure and working process of the engine and electric component                                                                                       
3.The training platform is installed with automobile meters and multi-functional display to illustrate changes of parameters in the power transmission process, speed, fuel pressure light and electronic control system failure indicating light.
4.Detection terminals are installed on the test panel. operators can measure various electrical signals, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signals of the sensors and executors,
5.The practical training platform is installed with diagnosis socket. The diagnosis socket reads fault codes, clears fault codes, and reads data stream from the engine, automatic transmission, hybrid power and power electronically-controlled systems.
Training content:
1.Familiar with the internal structure and working principle of hybrid vehicle;
2. Familiar with the various system components within the Hybrid Vehicle and their main functions and applications;
3. Understand the principles and functions of hybrid vehicle electronic control circuits;
4.Measurement and analysis of actuator and sensor of the hybrid vehicle.
Suitable car models listed below:
Car model
Renewed Toyota Prius car, second generation
Renewed Toyota Prius car, third generation
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