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Electronic cruise system teaching board automotive training board

Electronic cruise system teaching board

Technical parameter
1. Dimensions: about 1260x850x1860mm;
2. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
minimum order
1 set
Supply Ability
30set / Month
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The automotive training board electronic cruise teaching equipment educational equipment is equipped with real assembly of the Passat electronic cruise control system, and auxiliary control system. The educational equipment electronic cruise teaching equipment automotive training board can dynamically demonstrate the whole working process of the electronic cruise system by changing the corresponding sensors signals of the engine speed controller, speed controller, transmission gear controller and cruise control switch.This educational equipment electronic cruise teaching equipment can be used to learn the basic knowledge, inspection work and other knowledge and skills of electronic cruise system.The automotive training board educational equipment is also suitable for the teaching and skills training of related majors in higher vocational colleges and secondary vocational colleges.

Technical parameter

1. Dimensions: about 1260x850x1860mm;
2. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Product composition

Cruise ECU
Cruise control switch
Accelerator pedal
Neutral start switch
Brake switch
Fault set module
Mobile stand with test panel

Main features

1. The test terminals is installed on the test panel which makes it easy to measure the signals ie voltage or resistance of the sensors and actuators.
2. Diagnostic seat is installed on the test panel which can read and clear fault codes from electronic control system.
3. Fault setting module: manual fault set module.

Training courses

1. Function introduction of main components of cruise system;
2. Demonstration of the work principle and process of cruise system;
3. Measurement of the signals of the sensors and actuators by multimeter or oscilloscope;
4. Fault set and troubleshooting
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