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electric and electronic training device

Electrical measurement training device

Technical parameter
Dimension: 1600x700x1800mm
Power supply: Three phase, AC380V/50Hz
Weight: About 150kg
minimum order
1 set
Supply Ability
30set / Month
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This educational equipment electric and electronic training device measurement training device is designed as a measurement device in accordance with electrical measurement and casters to undergraduate course and vocational electrical measurement education. The educational equipment measurement device electric and electronic training device is applied in the teaching and training for the application of electronics and instruments, the experiments covers the contents of electrical measurement, and involves parts of the connection and application of household circuit. The electric and electronic training device educational equipment is also suitable for the teaching and skills training of related majors in higher vocational colleges and secondary vocational colleges. At the same time, the training device can also be used as an measurement device for skill training and skill appraisal in technical schools, vocational education centers, and vocational qualification appraisal stations.

Technical parameter
Dimension: 1600x700x1800mm
Power supply: Three phase, AC380V/50Hz
Weight: About 150kg
Product composition
Experimental bench
Experiment bench, T frame, Control panel
Experiment Module
Incandescent lamp
Three-phase switch
Analog meter 1
Digital meter 1
Analog meter 2
Analog meter 3
Digital meter 2
Universal circuit experiments module
Floor scent lamp
Watt-hour meter 1
Watt-hour meter 2
Watt-hour meter 3
Capacitor module
Kelvin Bridge
Wheatstone Bridge
Connecting lead, U-type connector, User manual, Training manual
Training courses
  1. Meter measuring precision& errors and electrical common symbols
  2. Meter used in practice & calculation of measuring errors
  3. Range expanded experiment of electromotive DC voltmeter & ammeter
  4. Usage of power meter
  5. Measurement of power factor meter
  6. Measurement of three-phase power meter
  7. Increase of fluorescent lamp & power factor
  8. Measurement of resistance
  9. Resistance measurement by Wheatstone Bridge method
  10. Resistance measurement by Kelvin Bridge method
  11. Capacitance measurement by the AC Bridge method
  12. Induction measurement by the AC Bridge method
  13. Calibration of single-phase Watt-hour meter
  14. Calibration of induction type three-phase Watt-hour meter
  15. Calibration of electric three-phase Watt-hour meter
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