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dissection teaching car educational equipment

Dissection teaching car

Technical parameter
1. Dimensions: 4415x1674x1415mm.
2. Car model: Volkswagen Jetta car (front wheel drive)
minimum order
1 set
Supply Ability
30set / Month
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The dissection teaching car educational equipment for automotive lab training models can clearly shows the internal structure of the main components of the car by sectioning the original vehicle's critical systems. The automotive lab training models dissection teaching car is an ideal training device for showing the operation of a car and the structure of a car.This dissection teaching car educational equipment is based on the original car, and is arranged according to the location layout of the original vehicle. dissection teaching car educational equipment automotive lab training models is suitable for the teaching needs of the theory and maintenance training of vehicle system in vocational and technical schools, colleges and universities, training institutions.
Technical parameter
1. Dimensions: 4415x1674x1415mm.
2. Car model: Volkswagen Jetta car (front wheel drive)
Product composition
1. Include all the original components and systems of Jetta car
Main features
The engine can be run and all the components system can work as a real car, the students can observe how the system works;
Training courses
1. Function introduction of main systems of the real car educational equipment;
2. Introduction of the real car structure of the dissection teaching car educational equipment;
3. Demonstration of the work principle and process of each system in a real car, ie clutch, gear shifting, brake system, engine system, transmission operation, lighting system etc.
4. Measurement of the signals of the sensors and actuators by multimeter or oscilloscope;
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