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FRONT WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE ENGINE automotive education equipment


Technical parameter
1)Power supply:AC220V/50HZ,
2)Motor power:300W 15uF/500V
4)Current:1.9A 1550r/min
5) Car model: Jetta
minimum order
1 set
Supply Ability
30set / Month
Country of Origin
Guangzhou, China
Stock Time
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Thisautomotive education equipment dissection engine and transmission cutaway model is a practical teaching and training platform in the field of professional automobile teaching equipment technology. This cutaway model automotive education equipment automotive training aids adopts the chassis power transmission and engine assembly system of Volkswagen Jetta. A real-life demonstration of the transmission process of each stroke and each gear of the transmission. The engine, clutch, transmission and gear mechanism, transmission and wheels on the automotive training equipment dissection engine and transmission cutaway model are connected in the same way with the car, which will not cause damage to the transmission, and can achieve the effect of variable speed drive; the engine transmission and differential housing are half-cut perspective. The engine's crank connecting rod mechanism, valve mechanism and various gears of the transmission can clearly and intuitively see the movement process of each component
1.Application of equipment
The equipment is used to study the engine of a front-wheel drive vehicle within the laboratory works carried out at project universities
Equipment shall cover at least the following laboratory works: Study of the application, composition, design features and principle of operation of the power unit of light vehicle with front wheel drive
2.Technical specifications
Equipment type
▪ floor-standing
▪ front wheel drive vehicle engine(sectional units)
▪ with clutch and gearbox (sectional units)
▪ with electromechanical drive
▪ with ability to connect, transfer and process data with laptop
Equipment shall
▪ metal base
▪ front wheel drive vehicle engine
▪ electromechanical drive
▪ control drive
▪ availability of casings for protecting moving
consist of at least the following:
▪ elements
▪ sensors
▪ control panel
▪ all markings, nameplates, symbols, and inscriptions shall be provided in English
rated power of the tested engine at least 50 kW
nominal crankshaft speed at least 5000 min-1
maximum torque of the engine crankshaft at least 100 Nm
crankshaft speed at maximum torque at least 2800 min-1
cylinder firing order 1-3-4-2
working capacity at least 1.5 L
engine starting device electric starter
crankshaft rotation direction - right (from the crankshaft nose)
lubrication system - combined, under pressure and spray
cooling system liquid, closed, with forced circulation
crankcase ventilation system - forced, with pumping through the oil separator
Speed-change gearbox
number of gears 4 forward and 1 backward
ring lockers gear ratio 3.7-3.75
Clutch gear
single disk
dry clutch
using the engine flywheel as the driving disc
Special software
possibility to process data on computer
interface in English
Power supply
220V ±10%, 50Hz
power supply cable, at least 10m long
3.Delivery set:
Delivery set shall include, but not be limited to:
1. Front Wheel Drive Vehicle Engine Teaching and Laboratory Equipment*–1 set
2. Description of possible laboratory works with “Front Wheel Drive Vehicle Engine” Teaching and Laboratory Equipment (in English) – 1 set
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